Zdravko Krivokapi

Podgorica: "It would be scandalous"

Prime Minister of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapi, could decide on the election of the President of the Administrative Court at the session of the Judicial Council on February 25, several lawyers told Vijesti yesterday, while the Judicial Council did not provide an answer whether this could be disputable.

"Government ready to sign the Fundamental Contract with the Serbian Orthodox Church"

"This process has gone through several phases of harmonization and from the point of view of the Government, it is completely ready for signing," said Zdravko Krivokapi.

Vlada Crne Gore je na dananjoj sjednici usvojila informaciju i iskazala apsolutnu spremnost za potpisivanje Temeljnog ugovora sa SPC, u najkraem vremenskom roku. pic.twitter.com/ypqkOwBGsG

Krivokapić dismisses Abazović; Protest in front of the Montenegrin Government VIDEO

The initiative was signed by 31 deputies, and the backbone consists of representatives of the Civic Movement URA headed by Dritan Abazovic.
The motion said they "will not simulate processes, delay and destroy the majority's will of citizens who want stability, reforms and the path to the European Union".

He's already "fallen"? If Krivokapic falls, Montenegrin government goes down as well?

Some of the Montenegrin media speculate that the current prime minister is "already former" and that it is certain that he will be replaced by the president of Demos, Miodrag Leki.
Consultations on that have already started unofficially within the three coalitions, which form the parliamentary majority, Novosti has learned.

Media: Joanikije revealed what happened at the meeting of Porfirije and Krivokapić

He explained that he asked for that, and not to interfere in the election of the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral.
Joanikije told the Podgorica portal IN4S that the election of the metropolitan is in the exclusive competence of the Holy Synod of Bishops, whose session is in progress.