Zeljko Komsic

Ambassador of Serbia invited to an emergency meeting - he refused; Sarajevo answered

Djordjevic was invited for a conversation by the chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Zeljko Komsic, and the topic of the "emergency" meeting was to be the arrest of Edin Vranje, a BiH citizen who was arrested in Priboj on Sunday because the Serbian judiciary suspects him of war crimes in Gorazde.

Erdogan: The condition is for Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats to unite

Asked what role Turkey will play in Bosnia-Herzegovina, upon returning from visits to Montenegro and BiH, Erdogan told reporters in Istanbul that "Turkey will be present if Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats in Bosnia-Herzegovina unite and say they want to give Turkey such a task".
As N1 BiH reported, he said that the members of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina should decide on that.

Bosnia’s Proposal to Prosecute Croatian Generals Sparks Controversy

Controversy simmered on Monday in the wake of media reports at the weekend that the Bosnian state prosecution has asked Croatia if it can take over proceedings against 14 Croatian generals who are reportedly suspected of committing war crimes during the Croatian Army's 1995 Operation Flash.

Mass Funeral Held for 12 War Victims from Bosnia’s Prijedor

Twelve war victims were buried on Tuesday at the Kamicani Memorial Centre in Kozarac, at a ceremony that was attended by the Bosniak and Croat members of the tripartite Bosnian presidency, Sefik Dzaferovic and Zeljko Komsic.

Their remains had recently been exhumed from mass graves at Koricani Cliffs, Tomasica, Hrastova Glavica, as well as from sites in Kozarac.

Details emerged from the meeting in Sarajevo

As these words were interpreted by the Sarajevo media, Sattler "actually repeated" the position of the head of the HDZ Bosnia-Herzegovina, Dragan Covic, who last week uttered a similar sentence - "how difficult it will be to organize the elections in 2022 without a new election of the Law" and that this could lead Bosnia-Herzegovina to a political and institutional crisis.