Biological father shows up after foster family adopts baby

A foster family in the southern province of Adana has been fighting a legal battle for 1.5 years against their adopted son's biological father, who is asking for his son to be returned to him.

According to the lawsuit, a couple, Ayça Çatal and Atakan Çatal, got married in 2003 and did not have a baby for 12 years.

Mongolian plover latest species to be spotted in Hatay province

Positioned on the migratory route of numerous birds due to its climate and water resources, southernmost province of Hatay boasts 375 bird species.

The latest species to be spotted in the province is the Mongolian plover (Charadrius mongolus). These birds, distinguished by their long legs and black beaks, had been seen before in other parts of Turkey.

Photographer raises money for family living in tent

With the efforts of a photographer who started a social media campaign to raise money, a family living in a shabby-looking tent has now found a home in Turkey's southern province of Adana.

After moving to Adana from the southeastern province of Diyarbakır in 2015, a couple, Nevzat Gezici and Gile Gezici, along with their children, started to live in a tent.