Six police officers removed from posts in wiretapping case

Six police officers, including two police chiefs, were removed from duty on July 25 as part of the ongoing wiretapping investigation in Turkey’s southern province of Adana.

Nine police officers, eight of whom are on active duty and one of whom is retired, were arrested as part of the investigation on April 8. All were released five days after their arrests.

Police accuse protesters of ‘disproving Turkish PM’s statements’ on Gezi protests

Police have demanded prosecutors to press charges on 28 protesters, detained for their participation in several demonstrations between August 2013 and April 2014 in the southern province of Adana, with “trying to disprove the prime minister’s statements during the Gezi Park incidents.”

VIDEO: Footage shows raid on Syria-bound MİT trucks

New footage has emerged showing a raid, which took place last January in the southern province of Adana, on trucks belonging to the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MÄ°T) bound for Syria.

Since the raid, a court has accepted an indictment on spying charges against the 13 soldiers who stopped and searched the trucks.

Thieves busted while shoplifting with same T-shirts they stole before

Two men have been detained in the southern Turkish province of Adana attempting to shoplift, while wearing the same T-shirts they stole before.

One of the men, identified as Çağlar S., was detained after he tried to leave a supermarket in the Seyhan neighborhood with an expensive bottle of alcoholic drink hidden under his T-shirt.