Restoration of key castle during WWI about to end

The restoration of a 202-year-old castle, which was used as a combat center and weapon repair workshop during the Dardanelles Wars, is about to end, following six years of efforts.

Bigalı Castle, located on the European coast of Turkey's northwestern province of Çanakkale and completed during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II, will soon begin to welcome visitors once again.

Turkey’s Jew community marks Hanukkah, lights candles for hope

Turkey's Jewish community celebrated Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, on Nov. 28 at major synagogues across the country.

"I hope and wish that Hanukkah will enlighten our souls and cause the feelings of love, respect and brotherhood among people to develop," İsak Haleva, the chief rabbi of Turkey's Jews, said in his message.

Turkish vice president slams Greece over new footage of migrant pushback

Greek forces continue to push irregular migrants, including women and children, into Turkish territorial waters in the Aegean Sea.

The Turkish Defense Ministry shared a video of Greek Coast Guards pointing guns at refugees, battering and pushing them into Turkish territorial waters.