Armenia warm to attend Antalya diplomacy forum: PM Pashinyan

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Jan. 14 that Armenia will likely attend this year's Antalya Diplomacy Forum in Turkey's southern province of Antalya.

"Our special representatives have met. If the process continues like this, it is highly possible that Armenia will participate in the Antalya Diplomacy Forum," he said at a virtual news conference.

My arms are 12 years old, says first double-arm transplant recipient

Turkey's first double-arm transplant recipient has made a call to all the citizens of the country to support organ transplantation, implying the surgery he had in 2010 as a "rebirth."

"I am 39, but my arms are 12-years old," Cihan Topal, the former patient who had his name written in the history of medicine, told the Demirören News Agency on Jan. 17.

‘Operation Fortune’ releases first trailer

The first trailer of Guy Ritchie's film "Operation Fortune," some scenes of which were shot in the southern Turkish province of Antalya, has been released. The film stars Jason Statham.

Previously known as "Five Eyes," the name of the international spy thriller film was changed to "Operation Fortune" in the past months.