Over 16,000 schools provided with libraries

Some 16,000 libraries have been established across the country in two months, said the education minister.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the library in a high school in the capital Ankara, named after psychiatrist Erol Göka, Education Minister Mahmut Özer said that 16,361 schools that did not have a library have been provided with libraries in the last two months.

Health workers call for action against violence

Following the murder of Ekrem Karakaya, a doctor in the Central Anatolian province of Konya, on July 6, nearly a thousand doctors and health workers came together in the hospital garden to protest against the armed attack, with some demanding faster and stricter action to prevent violence against healthcare professionals.

Restoration of bank building uncovers extraordinary measures taken

During the restoration of the building in the Turkish Central Bank's branch in the southern province of Antalya, which was built in 1963, the details noticed in the vault revealed that extraordinary measures were taken against a robbery attempt, such as reinforced walls and a fake safe entrance.