Bulgaria is Ranked First in Taking Antibiotics in an Inadequate Way

Bulgaria ranks first in the inadequate use of antibiotics. From November 18 to 24, we are organizing a week dedicated to antimicrobial resistance (AR) and COVID-19. This was stated by Elena Tsoneva-Papudjieva from the WHO in Bulgaria at a press conference dedicated to the awareness of antimicrobial resistance and COVID-19, a BGNES reporter reported.

Italian Noah’s Ark researcher buried in grave overlooking Mt Ararat

An Italian archaeologist, who spent 35 years searching for Noah's Ark in the eastern province of Ağrı, has been laid to rest in a cemetery viewing Mount Ağrı (Mount Ararat) as per his will.


Angelo Palego, who had a heart attack in Ağrı at the beginning of August, was taken to the state hospital in Erzurum, a neighboring province.

Local leaderships and their projects

The issue is not so much the complaints of parties and organizations from the whole spectrum of the Left to the gatherings of the fire victims of Northern Evia against investors - "carrion scavangers" with their "green" businesses (as they typically state in their announcements and resolutions), but the positions and proposals of the representatives of the Local Government (Region, Municipaliti

ACCI for the loss of Michalos – Three days of mourning and suspension of services today Monday

The Chairman and the members of the Board of Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Athens expressed in their announcement their deepest regret "for the sudden loss of an important person for Greek entrepreneurship, the President of Industrial Chamber of Athens and Union of Hellenic Chambers, Constantinos Michalos.

Ethiopians pray for peaceful vote ahead of key election

Draped in sacred white cloth, the procession drifted silently towards a priest calling the faithful to celebrate the Archangel Michael, a revered saint in Ethiopia.

Around dawn, thousands of worshippers gathered at the church in Amhara, the second-largest region of Ethiopia, which is staging long-awaited elections on June 20.