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Patara, cradle of civilizations, is declared this year’s tourism site

Following the years of Troy and Göbeklitepe in 2018 and 2019, respectively, the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry declared 2020 as the Year of Patara, the ancient city where St. Nicholas was born. Now, the ministry will promote the ancient city in the southern province of Antalya's Kaş District.

Bloomberg:Fugitive Gambling Tycoon Fights for his Vast Treasure Trove

Public quarrels between politicians and rich businessmen over alleged links to organized crime are hardly new, especially in a country ranked among the most corrupt in Europe, Bloomberg reported.
The case of Vasil Bozhkov in Bulgaria, though, has captured the national imagination because it cuts to the heart of the Balkan country's heritage.

EU ambassadors admire ancient Ani in eastern Kars

A delegation of EU ambassadors to Turkey was impressed by an archaeological site in Turkey's northeastern Kars province, Ani, also known as "the world city" or "cradle of civilizations".

According to the UNESCO website, Ani, which is next to Turkey's closed border with Armenia, was the capital of medieval Armenian kingdom of the Bagratides in the 10th century.

Museum sheds light on Thracian civilization

Artifacts unearthed during excavations in ancient cities in the northwestern province of Tekirdağ and exhibited in the Tekirdağ Museum shed light on the Thracian civilization.

The Thracian people, who lived in Thrace, Bulgaria and northern Greece in the ancient ages, were known as the world's most populous tribe after Hindus, according to Greek historian and ancient writer Heredot.

Over 1,700 historical artifacts seized in Istanbul, Mersin

Over 1,000 pieces of historical artifacts were seized in operations in Istanbul, a security source said on Jan. 9.

Acting on a tip, anti-smuggling teams conducted operations in three addresses on Jan. 8 in Nişantaşı neighborhood of the metropolis, the source said on condition of anonymity.

Turkey’s Orthodox community celebrates Christmas

Turkey's Orthodox community celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ on Jan. 6, recognized as Christmas according to the Julian calendar.

Many Turkish Armenians living in the İskenderun district of the southern border province of Hatay attended a Christmas mass held at the Karasun Manuk Armenian Church on Jan. 5.

The mass in the church was led by the priest Avedis Tabaşyan.