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Acropolis director says ‘time to close’ Parthenon marbles row

The new director of the Acropolis Museum has called for an end to the long-running dispute for the return of the Parthenon marbles to Greece, noting that London's parliament could rule on the issue.

"It's time for the matter to be closed," Nikos Stampolidis told AFP in an interview.

US returns artifacts worth $20 million to Greece

Dozens of looted antiquities seized from billionaire hedge fund founder Michael Steinhardt after a years long investigation have been returned to the people of Greece, prosecutors in New York announced on Feb. 23.

The artifacts included a sculpture of a young man from about 560 B.C., known as a kouros, that is worth $14 million, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said.

9,000-year-old ritual complex found in Jordan desert

Archaeologists deep in the Jordanian desert have discovered a 9,000-year-old ritualistic complex near what is thought to be the earliest known large human-built structure worldwide.

The Stone Age shrine site, excavated last year, was used by gazelle hunters and features carved stone figures, an altar and a miniature model of a large-scale hunting trap.

Top five Turkish canyons listed

Travel experts have selected Turkey's best five canyons to visit, with Ulubey in the Aegean province of Uşak topping the list, daily Milliyet has reported.

"Ulubey is the world's second longest canyon, and many movies have been shot here," the daily said, quoting the experts' opinions.

Turkish diver accidentally discovers ancient harbor

A Turkish engineer working in the U.S. has discovered the harbor of an ancient city underwater while diving off the Aegean province of İzmir's Dikili district, where he came for a summer vacation.

Denem Orhun, a 39-year-old engineer working for a music company in the U.S., came across round columns underwater while diving off the coast of Dikili a year and a half ago.