British Columbia

Theater of ancient city to be unearthed

The theater area in the ancient city of Perinthos, which dates back to 600 B.C. in the northwestern province of Tekirdağ's Marmaraereğlisi district, will be uncovered during excavations.


The excavations will be carried out by Professor Zeynep Koçel Erdem from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University's archaeology department with archaeologists and experts in the field.

Gate of Hell to open to visitors

The Gate of Hell (Plutonium), which was discovered in 2013 in the excavations in the ancient city of Hierapolis, located next to Pamukkale in western Turkey, and which was considered as the "gateway to the land of the dead" in the ancient world, is set to be opened to visitors this year.

10,000-year-old food found in Bursa cave

What is believed to have been food once upon a time - around 10,000 B.C. - has been found in the northwestern province of Bursa in a cave that has come to light after a landside and was discovered by a shepherd.

Experts have said the food has remained intact because it has been covered in resin to this day, likening it to modern Turkey's "Mustafakemalpaşa cheese dessert."

2,500-year-old statues, inscription unearthed in western Turkey

Two 2,500-year-old marble statues and an inscription have been found during excavations at the Temple of Zeus Lepsynos, one of the best-preserved Roman temples of Anatolia, in the western province of Muğla.

Built with donations in the second century B.C., the temple is located in the ancient city of Euromos.

Climate apocalypse: Hundreds dead, city destroyed, fires and 50 degrees Celsius VIDEO

Canada has been going through a record heatwave for the last ten days, which has killed hundreds of people in more than seven days and caused more than 150 forest fires across British Columbia.
In Lytton, a place with only 250 inhabitants, the maximum temperatures are usually around 25 degrees during June.

Military put on standby to evacuate fire-threatened towns in western Canada

Ottawa prepared on July 2 to send military aircraft and other help to evacuate towns and fight more than 100 wildfires in western Canada fueled by a record-smashing heat wave.

According to wildfire officials, at least 152 fires were active in British Columbia, 89 of them sparked in the last two days. Most were caused by lightning strikes.