Fintech Startups Are Going to Take a Lot of Banks’ Revenue

The global payment business, which covers everything from card payments to remittances abroad, will generate about $ 1.5 trillion this year, according to Accenture. But new players are entering the market, reports. Now banks dominate the payments sector, but by 2025, when that market grows to $ 2 trillion, banks can lose $ 280 billion, or about 15% of the total payment revenue.

The Bodies of 25 Killed in a California Cruise Ship Fire Were Discovered

The bodies of 25 people killed in a ship fire off the coast of California were found. Authorities are still searching for nine more passengers, who are reported missing.

Earlier, it was reported that rescuers had found the bodies of eight people. The Conception vessel was supposed to depart for an excursion to scenic areas where tourists would dive.

Facebook Consider the Idea to Hide Its Like Counter

The social network Facebook is considering hiding its like counter, TechCrunch reported.

The magazine notes that tests for this feature have already started on Instagram in seven countries, including Canada and Brazil. Instead of the total number of likes, users are shown only a few names of mutual friends who liked the post.

The US Will Build New Barriers Along the Border with Mexico

The Pentagon has approved the construction of an additional 32 km of fences, roads and lighting along the border with Mexico, Politico reports.

Earlier, it was reported that a California court ruled that $ 2.5 million of the Department of Defense's budget could not be used to build a wall, as the administration wanted.

Hawaiian Airplane Fills with Smoke Shortly before Landing, Seven Passenger Are Injured

Seven passengers were injured in a Hawaiian Airlines plane crash in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Airbus 321 operated a flight from California to Hawaii. It had 184 passengers on board and seven crew members, NOVA TV reported.

20 minutes before landing, the cabin and cargo compartment of the liner filled with smoke. After landing, passengers were evacuated by emergency ramps.

Donald Trump Attacks Ford Motor which Refused to Back his Fuel Efficiency Rules

US President Donald Trump has attacked automakers who refused to back his administration's plan to roll back Obama-era fuel efficiency rules, CNBC reported.

Trump specifically mentioned Ford, which has negotiated with California-led Democrats, which has some of the most stringent requirements for low fuel consumption of future car models, Reuters reports.

Tesla Is Changing Its Approach to the Solar System Business

US-based company Tesla is trying to boost its solar panel business with a new marketing approach - customers will be able to rent the technology rather than buy it, the Associated Press reported.

The company's CEO, Elon Musk, announced the new initiative in a series of posts on Twitter yesterday.