Turkish ocean rower eyes new record

Erden Eruç, the holder of 15 Guinness world records, hopes to be the first person in history to row across the Pacific Ocean, from North America to Asia.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency in an interview, Eruç said that in two weeks, he planned to depart from Crescent City, California in a rowboat for Hong Kong, where he aims to make landfall in March 2022.

US aid arrives in India as COVID cases explode

The first U.S. emergency aid to India arrived on April 30 as the country battles a devastating surge in COVID-19 cases which has overwhelmed hospitals and crematoriums.

The supplies arrived as India recorded another 385,000 new cases in the past 24 hours - a new global record - and almost 3,500 deaths, according to official data that many experts suspect falls short of the true toll.

Is the "Double mutation" from India dangerous?

Therefore, both vaccinated and those who have survived Covid 19 may also become infected with this variant of the virus, even more quickly.

The Indian variant of coronavirus B.1.617 shows two significant genetic changes in the surface protein: E484Q and L452R. These codes indicate the exact location of the genome change.