US labor market recovery to persist through 2022: Fitch

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the lower-wage service jobs disproportionately in the U.S. and labor market recovery could persist through 2022, according to Fitch Ratings.


"Employment recovery is far from complete and largely unequal," the global rating agency said in a statement on Wednesday.

Major US wildfire grows, forcing new evacuations

With oppressively hot, dry weather looming over much of the Western U.S. and Canada on July 18, the enormous Bootleg Fire in Oregon grew again and authorities ordered new evacuations.

Bootleg, the largest of 80 major fires now active in the U.S., spread overnight from 274,000 acres to 290,000 acres -- three times the size of the metropolis of Detroit, officials said.

54.4 degrees; Fires rage, while the water evaporates before it touches the ground

Firefighters have a problem putting out the fire from the plane as the heat evaporates the water before it touches the ground.
Authorities have ordered the evacuation of the population from the affected places, and firefighters are trying to put out the fire under extremely difficult conditions, the BBC reported today.