Renowned photojournalist Yannis Behrakis dies at 58

Yannis Behrakis, one of Reuters' most decorated and best-loved photographers, has died after a long battle with cancer. He was 58.

After joining the news wire 30 years ago, Behrakis covered many of the most tumultuous events around the world, including conflicts in Afghanistan and Chechnya, a huge earthquake in Kashmir and the Egyptian uprising of 2011.

Oleg Popov - Over 20 Years on The Battlefield With ...a Camera!

Oleg Popov has been on the hottest spots in the world and has seen the ugliest face of the war, armed only with a camera. He has introduced all military conflicts between 1990 and 2011.

Oleg Popov shares that he has seen a different attitude towards him. The fact that he was born on the Balkans defines his professional path to the war in Bosnia.

At least 100 European ISIS fighters “to be prosecuted in Iraq, with most facing death penalty”


At least 100 European Isis fighters will be prosecuted in Iraq, with most facing the death penalty, the country’s ambassador to Belgium has reportedly said.

Jawad al-Chlaihawi said Belgians were among those detained, along with jihadists from Russia, Chechnya and Central Asia.

Bulgarian Man is Badly Injured and Serb was Killed in an Attack in Vienna

Serbian was murdered, and a Bulgarian - seriously injured in a fight with Afghans and Chechens in Vienna last night, the Austrian national news agency APA reported.

The fight was last night near the entrance to a metro station in Ottakring district in the capital of Austria.