Zuckerberg: Facebook Can't Censor the Internet

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the leading social network is struggling to find ways to deal with "deepfake" videos that have the potential to cheat and manipulate users on a massive scale.

Zuckerberg said that Facebook is trying to determine whether "fakes" are different from disinformation and added that "there is a lot of evidence that they are," AFP reported.

The $500 apple: Woman Fined For Failing to Declare Fruit She Was Given on Flight

A woman from Colorado has been fined $500 (£360) after failing to declare an apple that she took from a transatlantic flight.

Crystal Tadlock was given the fruit sealed in a wrapper on her Delta flight from Paris to Minneapolis on 18 April. She did not eat it on the journey and decided to save it for her connecting flight to Denver.

Archaeologists Found the Oldest Gun in the World (Video)

During the archaeological excavations in Canna Creek in Colorado, scientists have come across parts of a 16th-century Spanish gun, the oldest in the world, the Fox News television channel reported.

The find could prove to be proof that the Spanish colonists arrived in America much earlier than was supposed.

Children in Missouri Selling Tickets for a Raffle Prize - an Automatic AR-15

Children in the State of Missouri sell raffle tickets with an AR-15 as a prize, according to Newfoundation. The adolescents will use the winnings to support the local basketball team.

Lewis Paterson, a coach of 7-9-year-old children, told the media that the campaign had been planned before a young man shot fourteen students and three adults in Florida on February 14th.

Norway Decriminalized Drugs

Norway becomes the first Scandinavian state to decriminalize drugs, writes Independent.

The majority of MPs in the Norwegian Parliament support the historic change, including conservatives, liberals and two left-wing parties.

They entrust the government with the task of changing politics towards drugs.

These are the top-paid Victoria Secret’s models (photos)

The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be taking place in Shanghai, China, Monday evening, and broadcast on November 28.
The fashion show is considered one of the most prestigious gigs a model can land. Gaining your “Angel wings” — intricately designed pairs of wings given to the most highly regarded models in the show — is a whole other privilege.

As world turns more slowly, we face earthquake boom

More powerful earthquakes could rock the globe in 2018 because of infinitesimal changes in the speed of the Earth’s rotation, scientists warn.

It seems contradictory, but a minuscule slowing of the Earth’s rotation over years, which can extend the length of a day by a millisecond or more, appears to be linked to an increase in major quakes.