Oil is Now $120 a Barrel

Oil prices continue to rise today after Saudi Arabia raised the prices of its supplies for July and made it clear that the market remains tense despite last week's agreement with OPEC + countries to increase production by more than previously agreed, Reuters reported, quoted by BTA.

Google marks 15 years of Street View

Google celebrated on May 24 15 years since it kicked off its mammoth and hugely controversial effort to photograph streets in minute detail across the globe.

The panoramic images of Google Street View have slipped into daily life for millions but during its early years, it attracted countless court cases and howls of anguish from privacy campaigners.

French actor in Istanbul to monitor yacht’s renovation

World-renowned French actor Gerard Depardieu has visited Istanbul's shipyards center in the district of Tuzla to monitor renovation works of his trawler, which is being converted into a yacht.

Getting briefed by Turkish yacht designers, the 73-year-old actor boasted about Turkish yachting in an interview on May 7.