Clashes break out in Exarchia, again

The district of Exarchia was disrupted yet again by clashes between self-styled anarchists and riot police late Friday night.

According to reports, a group of individuals showered a riot police unit on the corner of Patision and Tositsa Streets with Molotov cocktails. The ensuing clashes last for about two hours.

No arrests or injuries were reported.

Anarchists clash with police in Exarchia for third night in a row

Self-styled anarchists clashed with police in the broader district of Exarchia on Wednesday, for the third night in a row, in the wake of a court ruling rejecting an appeal for release by a jailed terrorism convict.

Wednesday's upheaval occurred shortly before 10 p.m. when a group of hooded youths hurled Molotov cocktails at a police unit in the area.