What is the Purpose of Business Insurance?

The purpose of having insurance for business is to help cover the costs in the event of a claim associated with damages to property and liability claims from individuals. Without business insurance or with inadequate business insurance, paying out-of-pocket for costly damages, legal claims and expenses could be potentially devastating on a business and personal level.

US cruise ship in limbo as anti-virus controls spread

U.S. officials were deciding where to dock a cruise ship in California with 21 virus cases aboard and four American universities canceled in-person classes as sweeping efforts to contain the outbreak that started in China spread to the West.

The Grand Princess, with 3,500 people aboard, was in international waters off San Francisco late on March 6.

Turkish-US inmate on death row

A court in Florida has denied the second appeal of a Turkish-American inmate, Cengiz Koçaker, who was convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of a taxi driver and sentenced to death penalty.

If the governor of the state approves the sentence, Koçaker will be executed by lethal injection.