Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is entering the US Presidential Race

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, 44, is entering the presidential race. His wife Casey posted a video on Twitter that launched his campaign.

DeSantis has been considered Donald Trump's main rival for the Republican Party's presidential nomination. The former president calls his running mate "Ron DeSanctimonius".

Thousands of migrants face tough new US border rules

Thousands of people remained in Mexico hoping to enter the United States, as it was not yet clear how the stringent new rules for people crossing the border illegally would be enforced.

In the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez, some 200 migrants were blocked by US troops from accessing Gate 42, the entry point to El Paso, Texas, where hundreds crossed on Thursday.

A Poll gives Trump a lead over Biden in a possible US Presidential Election Showdown

US President Joe Biden's approval rating has hit a career low, according to a recent poll by the Washington Post and ABC.

The survey also shows that more Americans doubt his mental acuity, and support for him is significantly lower than four years ago.

First Turkish professor to become rector of US university

Ayşegül Timur, a Turkish professor, has created history by becoming the first Turkish rector of the U.S.-based university Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU).

FGCU voted to appoint Timur as their rector. Therefore, Timur became both the first Turk to become the rector of a university in the U.S. and the first female rector of the university.

Aerosmith announces farewell tour starting in September

Aerosmith will be touring a city near you for the last time to celebrate the rock band's 50-plus years together.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band announced on May 1 the dates for their farewell tour called "Peace Out" starting Sept. 2 in Philadelphia. The 40-date run of shows, which includes a stop in the band's hometown of Boston on New Year's Eve, will end Jan. 26 in Montreal.

Turkish gunmaker Canik buys UK’s AEI Systems

Canik, one of the world's leading arms manufacturers, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of the well-established British defense company AEI Systems.

For the first time, a Turkish company bought a defense firm in the U.K., said Zafer Aral, the board chair of Samsun Yurt Savunma, the owner of Canik.

One will be 81 years old, the other is Trump

It is not a good sign for the strongest Western democracy that in 2024 an 81-year-old and a 77-year-old may be the two rivals for the presidency. It shows the inability of the American system to look for new, dynamic leadership that can inspire Americans and the West. The US establishment was able to discover a John F. Kennedy, a (not young but still dynamic) Ronald Reagan, and a Bill Clinton.

Trump, stone-faced, pleads not guilty in historic court appearance

Donald Trump turned his head toward photographers as he sat, stone-faced with shoulders rounded, at the defense table in a downtown Manhattan courtroom. "Not guilty," he said in a firm voice during a historic appearance before a judge Tuesday. Trump became the first U.S. president — former or current — to be charged with a crime.