US Braces for New Heavy Snowfall after Storm Leaves Seven Dead

Over a meter of snow could fall in the area of Buffalo in the north-west of New York, meteorologists say.

A new snowstorm is expected after temperatures have been at a historic low throughout the US, with the weather claiming seven lives across the country.

Sub-zero temperatures have been registered even in Florida and Hawaii, known for their milder climate.

Republicans win control of Senate in voter rebuke to Obama

Republicans won control of the U.S. Senate and bolstered their majority in the House of Representatives as Americans delivered a stinging rebuke to President Barack Obama in elections Nov. 4. Obama now faces the final two years of his presidency contending with a Congress fully controlled by a party that firmly opposes his policies.

Tear gas fired at protesters after US teen's death

Missouri police fired tear gas and smoke bombs late Wednesday at protesters demonstrating over the killing of an unarmed black teen by an officer.
CNN and other media reported that police officers in riot gear marched toward the protesters near a burned-out gas station where demonstrators have gathered in the town of Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb.

Bulgaria's Sunny Beach – Cheapest EU Tourist Destination for Brits

Bulgaria and Spain's Costa del Sol are the best holiday destinations for British tourists, the study of British website Post Office Travel Money shows.

According to the survey, British families can get more food, drinks and beach accessories for less money on the beaches of Spain and Bulgaria compared to the rest of the European resorts.