The Black Sea and fears of a domino effect

The prospect of rising tensions in the Black Sea after Washington's claim that a Russian fighter jet downed a US surveillance drone near Crimea is naturally a cause of major concern. Most observers have so far focused on eastern Ukraine. However, not far from there, dark clouds are gathering from the Carpathians to the Caucasus and from the Sea of Azov to the Bosporus Strait.

US sues Google over dominance of online ad market

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The U.S. Justice Department sued Google on Jan. 24 for its dominance of the online advertising market, launching a fresh legal battle against the California-based tech giant.

The federal antitrust suit accused Google of unlawfully maintaining a monopoly that had "corrupted legitimate competition in the ad tech industry."

Storms in the US: Tornado in Alabama, there are Casualties

Powerful storms in the USA - six died in Alabama and one in Georgia, the element also affected areas in Mississippi.

Selma, a city in Alabama, was among the hardest hit. That's where the tornado passed.

There are roofs blown off, windows broken and trees uprooted.

Considerable material damage was caused.

Head of German Intelligence: Putin has declared War on the West

The head of Germany's secret service has called Russia's invasion of Ukraine a "declaration of war" on the entire Western democratic world.

Speaking at a public session of a parliamentary committee, Bruno Kahl, who heads the Federal Intelligence Service (BND), said that President Vladimir Putin's war was therefore not primarily over the territory of Ukraine.

The war has spread, Ukraine isn't the only country under attack? "Putin announced..."

As they stated, he "declared war" on Western democracies, BND director Bruno Kahl said in the Bundestag.
"The war that was launched on February 24 is a declaration of war on the entire democratic Western world, not only on Ukraine," said BND director Bruno Kahl before the parliamentary control committee in the Bundestag.