JuniorAchievement: 91 youths in 100 who have never studied, worked - pleased with their current situation

Most of the youths in Romania, who are not in employment, education or training (NEETs), are pleased with their current situation, and only 5 in 100 people want to collaborate and to change this situation, shows a survey conducted by the Junior Achievement organization.

Over 300 hectares of land flooded in Giurgiu county following heavy rains

As many as 186 hectares of pastures, 90 hectares of farmland and 30 hectares of forests were flooded in the southern Giurgiu county on Sunday, following the heavy rains.
According to Giurgiu Water Management Service, the submerged land is located in the rural towns of Vanatorii Mici, Bulbucata, Iepuresti and Bucsani.