Pentagon acknowledged: It failed VIDEO

The news also specifies that the Pentagon provided very few details regarding the failed launch of the hypersonic rocket, that is, the "anomaly after ignition" was blamed for the failure.
Until all relevant data regarding the plan and performance of the test is collected, we will not have enough information regarding that event, a Pentagon spokesman said briefly on Wednesday.

Island turns into open-air lab for tech-savvy volcanologists

They come with eagle-eyed drones and high-precision instruments. Aided by satellites, they analyze gas emissions and the flows of molten rock. On the ground, they collect everything from the tiniest particles to "lava bombs" the size of watermelons that one of nature's most powerful forces hurl as incandescent projectiles.

US labor market recovery to persist through 2022: Fitch

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the lower-wage service jobs disproportionately in the U.S. and labor market recovery could persist through 2022, according to Fitch Ratings.


"Employment recovery is far from complete and largely unequal," the global rating agency said in a statement on Wednesday.