US navy shoots down missile off Hawaii in test (video)

U.S. forces shot down a medium-range ballistic missile off the coast of Hawaii Wednesday as part of a test conducted amid heightened regional tensions.
Early Wednesday local time, U.S. Navy sailors on the USS John Paul Jones “successfully conducted a complex defense flight test,” according to a statement by the Missile Defense Agency, a section of the Defense Department.

North Korea Says Nearly 3.5M Volunteer for People's Army as Tensions Rise

North Korea said on Saturday that nearly 3.5 million workers, party members and soldiers volunteered to join or rejoin its army to resist new U.N. sanctions and to fight against the United States in the current geopolitical tension between Pyongyang and Washington, Reuers reported.

Scientists discover two potentially habitable ‘super-Earth’ planets just 12 light years away

Two potentially habitable “super-Earths” orbit a star just 12 light years away that is our nearest sun-like neighbour, scientists have discovered.

The worlds at the edges of Tau Ceti’s “habitable zone” belong to a solar system of four rocky planets similar in size to Earth.

Moon could be wetter than thought, scientists say

The Moon, long thought to be a dry, inhospitable orb, hosts surprisingly large sub-surface water reserves, which one day may quench the thirst of lunar explorers from Earth, scientists said on July 24.

"We found the signature of the lunar interior water globally using satellite data," Shuai Li, co-author of a study by scientists at Brown University in the United States, said.

U.S. vows tougher action on North Korea after missile test

The United States toughened its military pressure and invective against nuclear-armed North Korea on Wednesday, conducting a missile maneuver with South Korea, hinting of a possible return to war with the North and proposing wider United Nations sanctions against “any country that does business with this outlaw regime.”

Ever repeat a word until it sounds weird? That’s “Semantic Satiation”

Here’s a challenge: repeat the word “brain” over and over and over and over and…you get picture. After a while, doesn’t it just sound like a random noise? B-r-a-i-n. What a weird word—is it even a word? That transformation from word to non-word, whether via reading or saying it, happens because of a tendency known as semantic satiation.

Wait—What’s A Brain?