New bird species spotted in Lake Çıldır

A new bird species, smew duck, was spotted in Lake Çıldır in eastern Turkey.

A team from the Turkish conservation society Kuzeydoğa Association spotted the duck in the Taşbaşı village in the eastern Kars province.

Emrah Çoban, the coordinator of the association, told Anadolu Agency that their regular birdwatching bore fruit.

Turkey will continue its fight against YPG in northern Syria: Akar

Turkey will not abandon its struggle against the YPG's efforts to create a terror corridor in northern Syria, the Turkish defense minister has said, in a clear message to the United States which declared that its policy to partner with the YPG in the fight against ISIL will not change.

Birds get shelter from biting cold in Turkey’s east

The harsh winters in eastern Turkey can prove to be a bane for the toughest of creatures.

The season is particularly arduous for birds, who are left without shelter as the freezing cold devours all foliage.

However, a community in the province of Kars has banded together to come up with a possible solution, making and putting up small wooden birdhouses around their village.