A warm walk on ice

A snow white empire in the Lake Çıldır in the eastern province of Kars, where the temperature can hit -20 or -40 centigrade, welcomes us. The lake is completely frozen and stands on a dreamlike geography. Even though the lake freezes in the "empire of ice," life goes on under and above the water surface with all its colors. 

Opposition HDP lawmakers arrested in Turkey

Opposition Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) lawmakers from the eastern province of Kars and southern province of Adana were arrested on Jan. 31, becoming the latest members of Turkey's third-largest party to be incarcerated.  

HDP Adana lawmaker Meral Danış Beştaş and Kars lawmaker and the party spokesperson Ayhan Bilgen were arrested as part of a terror probe. 

Rangers in eastern Turkey try to prevent New Year's Day tree-cuttings

Turkish forest rangers in the eastern province of Kars are struggling to protect pines, especially saplings, from being cut for New Year's Day, officials have said. 

Security measures in the Sar?kam?? district of the province have been tightened, said the local head of the forestry department, Halil ?brahim Ç?ng?.