Six Balkan Foreign Ministers will Discuss the Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina in London

The foreign ministers of six Western Balkan countries will meet in London today to discuss the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is stated in a statement by British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss, who will chair the event.

"Little Trump" re: Kosovo and Metohija: "He has already chosen sides; it's a shame"

Namely, as he stated, Blinken has already shown that he chose the side and that is why he has no credibility.
"I am someone who was applauded and criticized by both sides (Serbs and Albanians). I am very pleased with the progress we have made. I have supporters and slanderers on both sides," Grenell told Pavlovic Today.

Balkan Insight’s Week in Pictures

Serbia's Damir Rastic (L) and Ukraine's Artem Tyshchenko (R) in action during the men's 10km Sprint race at the IBU Biathlon World Cup i​n Hochfilzen, Austria. Photo: EPA-EFE/Christian Bruna.

CSKA Sofia fans light flares during the UEFA Europa Conference League group C football match against AS Roma in ​the Bulgarian capital on December 9, 2021. Photo: EPA-EFE/Vassil Donev.

Kosovo, Serbia, CSOs Urge Govts to Break Dialogue Stalemate

In a bid to push the governments of Serbia and Kosovo to renew the stalled EU-facilitated dialogue on normalisation of relations, 47 civil society organisations, CSOs, from both countries on Friday urged them to make more of an effort, expressing "deep concern" about a "deteriorating situation on the ground".

Media: ROSU on standby, preparing an incursion?

According to information from the field, they are located at the Belvedere base, where close to 100 armed special forces are deployed, ready to go into action.
According to operative information, out of three deployed platoons, one platoon of special forces was delivered even from Pristina, fully armed, "Novosti" states.

Kosovo Arrests Serbian Citizen for War Crimes on Border

A Serbian citizen, named only as D.A., was arrested in Kosovo on Wednesday on suspicion of having committed war crimes against civilians during the Kosovo war, the Kosovo Special Prosecution announced on Thursday.

Police said suspect was arrested on Wednesday at the border crossing between Kosovo and Serbia in Jarinje and taken into custody on a court order.

"I expect that we will be harsher towards Serbia"

German expert on the Balkans and Senior Associate at the Democratization Policy Council (DPC), Bodo Weber, expects a sharper attitude towards Serbia from the new German government.
Weber said that, with a tougher stance towards Serbia, he expects the continuation of the policy towards Pristina led by Angela Merkel's government.

US Imposes Sanctions on Controversial Kosovo Serb Businessman

The US Treasury Office's of Foreign Assets Control, OFAC, said on Wednesday that it has imposed sanctions on a controversial Serbian businessmen from Kosovo, Zvonko Veselinovic, for being "one of Kosovo's most notorious corrupt figures".

The OFAC marked Veselinovic as an "organized crime group leader".