Bursa to host international photographers

The 11th Bursa International Photography Festival (Bursa FotoFest), organized with the cooperation of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Photography Art Association (BUFSAD), will be held from Nov. 19 to 28 with the participation of photographers from different regions.

The theme of this year's festival will be "Eye to Eye."

Kosovo Court Upholds Jailing of Serb Ex-Fighter for War Crimes

The Court of Appeals in Pristina on Monday rejected appeals from the defence and prosecution and upheld the 12-year sentence handed down to Zoran Djokic for war crimes against civilians in 1999.

"The verdict contains sufficient and convincing reasons for establishing the facts clearly," the court said in the verdict.

Trump Voices Concerns Over ‘Abandoned’ Kosovo-Serbia Agreements

Former US President Donald Trump said in Thursday that the agreements between Kosovo and Serbia he brokered during his last year in the White House should be implemented, while his former Balkan envoy, Richard Grenell, called on Joe Biden's administration to become "more aggressive" in his leadership towards the region.

Kosovo War Trial Witness ‘Saw Guerrillas Beating Prisoner’

A protected witness told the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in The Hague on Tuesday that he saw five or six people beating a prisoner who was being held in an improvised detention facility in the village of Zllash/Zlas, some 30 kilometres east of Kosovo's capital Pristina, during the war in 1999.

Kosovo Veterans’ Leaders Denounce War Crimes Court as ‘Biased’

The leader of the KLA War Veterans' Association, Hysni Gucati, and his deputy Nasim Haradinaj insisted on Monday that they are innocent of obstruction of justice and witness intimidation, and denounced the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, which was set up to prosecute crimes committed during the Kosovo war.

Survivors’ Stories Describe Terror and Trauma of Wartime Rape

Tahiri-Sylejmani is one of the few Kosovo Albanian survivors of wartime sexual violence to have spoken out publicly about her ordeal. She followed the example of Vasfije Krasniqi-Goodman, who gave a televised interview in 2018 about how she was raped by Serbian policemen when she was 16 years old.