Kosovo Mother Testifies About Daughter’s Capture in Serbian Attack

Hajrije and Faton Demaku, two ethnic Albanian civilians from the village of Zahac/Zahaq in Kosovo, told Belgrade Higher Court on Thursday how Esma Demaku was taken away by two men after members of Serbian forces made them leave their houses during an attack in May 1999.

Kosovo Football Triumphs Highlight Desperate Need for Investment

Major successes in only a few years

Kosovo football fans celebrate the win against Bulgaria ibn Prishtina bars, on 10 June 2019. Photo: Atdhe Mulla

Along with tiny Gibraltar, the Kosovo team is the youngest in Europe, having been admitted to the world football federation, FIFA, and to Europe's UEFA, only three years ago.

Import Taxes Are Raising Prices in Kosovo, Experts Warn

Kosovo will see significant price rises and an overall reduction in its purchasing power as a result of the high taxes it has imposed on imports from Serbia and Bosnia, experts have warned.

A recent assessment by Veritas Global, a Swiss company that provides economic services, claims that because of this significant fall in purchasing power, Kosovar citizens will buy less goods.