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President Biden Plans Tough Sanctions against Belarus, “North Korea of Europe”

A top American diplomat told Congress on Wednesday that the Biden administration plans to impose additional sanctions on the authoritarian regime in Belarus — a significant step as lawmakers agitate for tougher punishments against a top ally of Vladimir Putin.

Pipeline hack fuels gas crunch; US suspects Russian origins

Motorists found gas pumps shrouded in plastic bags at tapped-out service stations across more than a dozen U.S. states on May 13 while the operator of the nation's largest gasoline pipeline reported making "substantial progress" in resolving the computer hack-induced shutdown responsible for the empty tanks.

Biden formally confirmed as president-elect by U.S. Electoral College VIDEO

Electors in Arizona confirmed that 11 votes went to Biden, Pennsylvania gave 20, Nevada 6, Vermont 3, while Tennessee gave Trump 11.
Electors from the federal state of Washington cast their 12 votes to Biden.
Electors from Rhode Island and Virginia cast the votes to Trump.

1.500.000 people died; Record number of infected and a new lockdown in California

The most difficult situation is still in the United States, as well as in India and Brazil.
California broke the record in the number of newly infected with COVID-19 today and is entering a new lockdown tonight, while other American states are trying to impose blockades in order to stop the spread of the infection.