New South Wales

Millions of revaccinated people take to the streets today PHOTO / VIDEO

In the Australian state of New South Wales, 72.8 percent of people aged 16 and over have been vaccinated, the Guardian reported.
The delta strain wave, which began in June, kept five million New South Wales residents under strong restrictive measures for 15 weeks.
Taking the example of Great Britain, Australians called Monday "Freedom Day".

Sydney ends coronavirus lockdown after 106 days

Elated Sydneysiders celebrated the end of almost four months of coronavirus lockdown on Oct. 11, putting behind them a period of "blood, sweat and no beers" in Australia's largest city.

Sydney's more than five million residents were subjected to a 106-day lockdown, designed to limit the march of the highly transmissible Delta variant.

Nation imprisoned; mass arrest and suspension of public transportation PHOTO / VIDEO

Australian police arrested 235 people in Melbourne and 32 in Sydney on Saturday, at illegal rallies against quarantine and "measures" imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic, while several police officers were injured in clashes with protesters.
Victoria State Police said six police officers were hospitalized.

Australia’s capital Canberra to enter virus lockdown

Australia's capital Canberra was ordered into a seven-day lockdown on Aug. 12, after a single COVID-19 case was detected in the city that has largely avoided virus restrictions.


About 400,000 people in the nation's political hub will be under stay-at-home orders from 5:00 pm local time, joining millions more already under lockdown in Australia's southeast.

Oldest tablet in history of geometry in Istanbul museum

An Australian mathematician has determined that a 3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet exhibited at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum for years is the oldest known example of applied geometry on a clay tablet.


The mathematician said that it is the oldest known example of applied geometry on a 3,700-year-old clay tablet after his examinations of it in Istanbul.

Sydney hits new COVID case record as outbreak spreads

Sydney posted a new record of COVID-19 infections on Aug. 10 as the city struggles to control an outbreak that is sending other Australian regions into lockdown.


New South Wales state announced 356 new cases, a fresh record for a Delta-variant outbreak that began in mid-June and continues to grow in a population with low vaccination rates.

In Sydney, the "war" is going on: The army goes door to door VIDEO

About 300 soldiers arrived in Sydney at the request of the state police of New South Wales.
They will deliver food packages and check door to door that quarantine is being respected. The closure measures are in force in Sydney for five weeks and should last until the end of August.