New South Wales

Australia's capital braces as hot, windy conditions fuel bushfires

Soaring temperatures and strong winds stoked unpredictable bushfires near Australia's capital city on Feb. 1, closing a major highway and prompting warnings for some residents that it was too late to evacuate.

Skies along the Monaro Highway in the Australian Capital Territory turned orange-red as an uncontrolled blaze ballooned to more than 35,000 hectares (74,000 acres) in size.

Rain in Australia Caused Flooding (VIDEO)

Locals said that something like this this had not happened in several years.

After wildfires affecting vast forest areas, Australia was hit by storms. Although the rain is not enough to extinguish the fires, it was welcomed.

In some parts of New South Wales, there were even floods, and locals said it hadn't happened in several years.


The Biggest Donation Campaign in the History of Facebook

Australia's major fires have sparked the largest donation campaign in the history of Facebook, the BBC reported.

Nearly one million social network users donated over $ 26 million to the Provincial Fire Service of New South Wales (NSW Rural Fire Service)

Now, the donations exceed the amount of $31,369,070.

This is a record amount for a Facebook donation campaign.