More wreckage, remains found of crashed Canadian military helicopter

Search teams from the US and Canada found more remains of the crew and part of the wreckage of the CH-148 Cyclone helicopter that crashed in the Ionian Sea on April 29.

The helicopter was taking part in NATO's Operation Reassurance in the Mediterranean, when it crashed at sea, killing all six people aboard.

Coronavirus worries ripple across southern European bond markets

Southern Europe's bond markets succumbed to selling pressure on Tuesday as concern that Italy may not be alone in combating the coronavirus outbreak gripped markets.

The coronavirus death toll climbed to seven in Italy on Monday and several Middle East countries were dealing with their first infections, sending markets into a tailspin on Monday.

A Town in Sicily Offers Free Houses

A small town on the Italian island of Sicily is offering free homes in an effort to attract new residents, BTA reports.

The Chamber's administration, about 90 kilometres from Sicily's capital, Palermo, wants to combat the dwindling population and the tendency of young people to leave the city.

"Our magnificent, ancient city is turning into ruins," says the Mayor of the town.