Southeastern Bulgaria is at the Bottom in the EU of Young People with Secondary Education

The south-eastern Bulgarian region is among the 23 regions in the EU with the smallest share of young people who have completed secondary education, according to Eurostat data for 2021.

There, less than three-quarters of the 20- to 24-year-old population have a high school diploma.

Austrian ‘enfant terrible’ of art Hermann Nitsch dies aged 83

Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch, famous for his paintings and performances using human blood and animal carcasses, has died at age 83, his family said on April 19. Nitsch died at a hospital in Lower Austria province on April 18, his niece told AFP.

"Hermann Nitsch died peacefully at the age of 83 after a serious illness," a statement from the family said.

Italy woos UNESCO with ’magical’ espresso coffee rite

A shot of dark, velvety coffee is more than just a quick caffeine hit: Italy's espresso is a prized social and cultural ritual the country considers a national heritage worthy of UNESCO status.

Italians knock back some 30 million espressos a day, from Venice to Sicily, in porcelain cups or little glasses, with or without a splash of milk and see each one as a gesture of friendship.

Italy Ravaged by Wildfires, Record Heat in Sicily

High temperatures and dry weather assisted the spread of wildfires in Southern Europe with Italy being one of the worst hit. The wildfires advanced as far as the suburbs of the Italian capital Rome, Reuters elaborated. Local residents were evacuated from small communities around 40 km east of the ancient city.

Turkish, British, Italian defense chiefs meet in Sicily

The Turkish defense minister met his British and Italian counterparts on Italy's Sicily island on June 11. 

During the tripartite talks, which took place on the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier anchored in the Port of Augusta, Hulusi Akar, Ben Wallace, and Lorenzo Guerini discussed relations in the field of defense and security and regional issues.

Italy: Former Interior Minister Salvini to Stand Trial Over Migrant Crysis in 2019

A judge in Sicily on Saturday ordered former interior minister Matteo Salvini to stand trial for having refused to let a Spanish migrant rescue ship dock in an Italian port in 2019, keeping the people at sea for days.

Judge Lorenzo Iannelli set September 15 as the trial date during a hearing in the Palermo bunker courtroom, the LaPresse news agency reported.