Russia may again block Antarctic marine protections

Delegations from Russia and Ukraine are among those meeting in Australia this week to decide the future of Antarctica's pristine waters.

Conservationists say new marine protected areas and rules to prevent overfishing are desperately needed, but that Russia could use its veto-like powers to once again block progress.

Yesterday's Solar Eclipse Was First of Six Eclipses In 2019 With 'Super Wolf Blood Moon' Up Next

Are you ready for five more incredible eclipses in 2019? Yesterday's partial solar eclipse peaked in northeast Russia when 60% of the Sun was blocked by the Moon, but there are five more eclipses coming up this year that deserve your attention, according to FORBES. 

7 People were Found Dead in a Town in Western Australia

SYDNEY, May 11 (Reuters) - Seven people have been found dead in a rural town in Australia's Margaret River wine-growing region, police said on Friday.

The bodies of four children and three adults were found at or near a property in Osmington near the southwestern tip of Australia, Western Australia's Commissioner of Police Chris Dawson told a news conference.

Video of Melbourne plane crash (videos-photos)

Four US citizens and an Australian pilot have died after their light plane crashed into a shopping centre in Melbourne, Australia.
The charter flight appeared to have had a “catastrophic engine failure” shortly after taking off from the small Essendon Airport, said police.
Despite the destruction, no-one was killed or injured on the ground.

David Lennon, aged 16, photographs a world without light pollution (stunning pics)

David Lennon, aged 16, tried to envision what cities would look like without light pollution.  He filmed time-lapse footage of the night sky with his Canon 6D from the night  sky in Tasmania and then overlaid these to night-time cities from around the world using editing software to create some timelapses in exquisite 4k resolution.



The ‘Magnus Effect’ (amazing basketball video)

With the 2015 Eurobasket championships just around the corner fans all across Europe are getting ready to see their favourite players slam dunk and score as many hoops as possible. Well that’s what ordinary players usually do, anyway. Because this guy from Tasmania thought of different way to use his basketball. He dropped it off the 126-meter high Gordon Dam and waited to see the effect.