Tesla sells record 1.3 million vehicles last year

Tesla sold a record 1.3 million vehicles last year, but the number fell short of CEO Elon Musk's pledge to grow the company's sales by 50 percent nearly every year.

The 2022 figure topped the prior record of 936,000 vehicles delivered in 2021, but it was shy of the 1.4 million needed to reach the company's 50 percent growth target.

Bats plunge to ground in cold, saved by incubators, fluids

Nearly 1,600 bats found a temporary home this week in the attic of a Houston Humane Society director, but it wasn't because they made it their roost.

It was a temporary recovery space for the flying mammals after they lost their grip and plunged to the pavement after going into hypothermic shock during the city's recent cold snap.

Trump Ready to Participate in the US Presidential Elections

Former US President Donald Trump has hinted at his desire to participate in the next presidential election, which will be held in 2024.

The Republican made the corresponding statement at a rally in front of his supporters in the state of Texas. Trump repeated his claim that the results of the 2020 presidential election, won by Democrat Joe Biden, were rigged.

Juul to pay $438 mln in teen vaping probe

Juul Labs will pay $438.5 million to settle a probe by 34 US states that found the vaping company marketed to underage smokers, state officials have announced.    

Under the agreement, which is still being finalized, Juul would provide payments over the next 6-10 years to individual U.S. states and pledge to not employ cartoons in ads or otherwise market to younger consumers.    

US weather whiplash shows climate change

A series of "once-in-a-millennium" rainstorms have lashed the United States in recent weeks, flooding areas baked dry by long-term droughts, as human-caused climate change brings weather whiplash.

And scientists warn that global warming means once-rare events are already much more likely, upending the models they have long used to predict possible disasters, with worse to come.