Jeb Bush has optimistic message, faces challenges in '16 bid

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush launched a White House bid months in the making with a vow to win the Republican presidential nomination on his own merits and stay true to his beliefs - easier said than done in a crowded primary contest where his conservative credentials will be sharply challenged.

Cyprus gas field commercially viable; pipeline to Egypt planned

Cyprus got a fillip over the weekend when partners exploiting a natural gas field off the island announced that the Aphrodite field is viable and could yield up to eight eight billion cubic meters (bcm) a year.
The news also included plans for the construction of a pipeline to Egypt, Reuters reports out of Jerusalem.

License to kill: 350,000 USD to hunt a rare black rhino

A report that a hunter from Texas paid 350,000 USD to kill a threatened black rhino during a hunt in Namibia has caused an uproar with animal rights groups and environmental-savvy people everywhere. Corey Knowlton has received severe criticism, including life threats, but said that the hunt was part of the preservation plan of the black rhino.