Southwest US roasts in devastating heat wave

Tens of millions of Americans were facing dangerously high temperatures Friday as a powerful heat wave stretched from California to Texas, with its peak expected this weekend.

A heat dome has been baking the southwestern states all week, posing serious health risks to the elderly, construction workers, delivery workers and the homeless.

Webb Space Telescope spots most distant black hole

Astronomers have discovered the most distant black hole yet using the Webb Space Telescope, but that record isn't expected to last.

The black hole is at the center of a galaxy dating to within a mere 570 million years of the Big Bang. That's 100 million years closer to the beginning of the cosmos than a black hole identified in 2021 by a Chinese team using a telescope in Chile.

Tesla nearly doubles deliveries compared to last year

U.S. automaker Tesla beat analyst expectations in the second quarter, delivering 466,140 vehicles despite a difficult market, according to its earnings report released on July 2.

The nearly half million deliveries represent an 83 percent increase over the same period last year, and a 10 percent rise from the previous quarter.

2nd bus carrying asylum seekers from Texas arrives in Los Angeles

A bus carrying migrants from a Texas border city arrived in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday for the second time in less than three weeks.

The office of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass was not formally notified but became aware on Friday of the bus dispatched from Brownsville, Texas, to L.A. Union Station, Bass spokesperson Zach Seidl said in a statement.

Travis Scott won't face charges for Astroworld

U.S. rapper Travis Scott will not face criminal charges over the death of 10 people killed in a crush during a Texas concert in 2021, a Houston grand jury decided Thursday.

Some 50,000 people had packed into Houston's NRG Park for Scott's Astroworld music festival when the crowd started pushing toward the stage as he was performing, triggering chaos.