Snowstorm Rages in the US, at least 3 People were Killed

At least three people were killed in a snowstorm in Alabama, the National Weather Service's local office said in a tweet.

Previously, three people died in Louisiana and one in Texas. The snowstorm is raging for a second day.

"We have now confirmed 3 fatalities near Carrollton in Pickens County" the weather service said and warned the people to take the warnings seriously.

Shocking Data on the Missing Persons in Mexico

More than 60,000 people have disappeared in Mexico in the last 13 years. Black statistics began in 2006, when authorities declared the so-called War on Drug Cartels, Ria Novosti reports.

By the end of 2019, the list of missing persons has grown by more than 60,000 names, and these are up to 97% of all missing people in the last 55 years.

8-Year-Old Boy is the Highest Paid YouTube Star According to Forbes

An eight-year-old Texas boy tops Forbes magazine's highest-paid YouTube star list, Sky News reported.
Ryan Kaji has been named by Forbes as the platform's highest earner in 2019 for the second consecutive year, with earnings rising from $ 22 million last year to $ 26 million.

Editorial: From the ‘Chicago boys’ to the ‘Texas boys’

Ta Nea on 9 November published an interview with American economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz in which he essentially admitted that he and a team of his colleagues from the University of Texas in 2015 were working on a plan for Greece to return to the drachma and leave the eurozone.

He viewed this prospect as an attractive solution for Greece's economic problems.