Blue Origin’s Bezos reaches space on 1st passenger flight

Jeff Bezos blasted into space on July 20 on his rocket company's first flight with people on board, becoming the second billionaire in just over a week to ride his own spacecraft.

The Amazon founder was accompanied by a hand-picked group: his brother, an 18-year-old from the Netherlands and an 82-year-old aviation pioneer from Texas - the youngest and oldest to ever fly in space.

Medics in Houston US Refuse to Vaccinate

Health workers in the city of Houston, Texas, sued the network of hospitals in that town after being threatened with dismissal if they do not get vaccinated against covid-19.

Jennifer Bridges, a nurse with the Houston Methodist Hospital Network, rejected all kinds of threats and indicated that it is wrong for workers to be forced to inoculate themselves.

Feds seize 68 big cats from ’Tiger King Park’ in Oklahoma

Federal authorities have seized 68 big cats from an animal park in Oklahoma featured in Netflix's "Tiger King."
The U.S. Department of Justice announced May 20 that the seizure of the federally protected lions, tigers, lion-tiger hybrids and a jaguar as part of a court-approved agreement to resolve a DOJ complaint against Jeffrey and Lauren Lowe over the animals' care.

Pipeline hack fuels gas crunch; US suspects Russian origins

Motorists found gas pumps shrouded in plastic bags at tapped-out service stations across more than a dozen U.S. states on May 13 while the operator of the nation's largest gasoline pipeline reported making "substantial progress" in resolving the computer hack-induced shutdown responsible for the empty tanks.

Neuroendocrinology researcher elected new chancellor of Ljubljana University

Ljubljana – Gregor Majdič, a researcher and professor at the Ljubljana Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Maribor Faculty of Medicine, has been elected new chancellor of the University of Ljubljana, defeating the incumbent Igor Papič, in a run-off.