Albania’s Constitutional Court Suspends National Theatre Proceedings

After three sessions, the Constitutional Court in Tirana has suspended the legal initiatives that paved the way for construction of a new National Theatre undertaken by the government and the Municipality of Tirana until the court issues a final decision on the issue.

The old National Theatre was demolished in May 2020, after three years of protests by activists.

Albania Street Clashes Continue Despite Interior Minister’s Resignation

Albania protester threw a stone against police in this photo of 10 December 2020 in Tirana. Photo: LSA

Prime Minister Edi Rama dismissed suggestions that the fatal shooting of the unarmed citizen was a result of a police culture of violence and called the event "an isolated one" - while announcing that Interior Minister Sander Lleshaj had offered his resignation.

Why a Theatre’s Demolition Has Sparked Outrage in Albania

Critics say the demolition of the National Theatre is an old project of Prime Minister Edi Rama, since the time when he was Culture Minister in 1998 and proposed to build a tower in its place and incorporate the theatre inside.

The renewed bid to demolish the theatre divided artists and activists, and raised concerns among anti-corruption and heritage watchdogs.

Protesters Win ‘Battle’ in ‘War’ Over Albanian Theatre’s Fate

Protesters clashing with Albanian police on 24 July 2019 at the gates of the National Theatre. Photo: Gent Shkullaku.LSA

The announcement by Rama of the initiative on March 2018 was followed by two years of regular protests over the fate of the country's cultural heritage, political cronyism and concerns about the over-development of the centre of Tirana.

Death Trap: Safety Oversight Failing Albania’s Construction Workers

When the dust had settled, Bardhi managed to climb down to the street. Two co-workers were not so lucky: Ergys Brahimaj, 31, and Orjon Kodra, 36, lost their lives, the latest victims of a perilous construction sector.

Work accidents are among the top five causes of unnatural deaths in Albania.

Mayor Accused of Censoring Albania TV Report

After broadcasting only three episodes, the investigative TV show "Publicus" aired on Vision Plus TV station was scrapped on Sunday, sparking accusations of political censorship.

In its brief lifespan, the show had built up a reputation after exposing the government's lack of preparedness to monitor waste imports into the country - a hot issue in Albania.

Urban Waste in Albania 'a Danger to Health'

Albania's Institute of Public Health, ISHP is raising an alarm about the way urban waste is being managed, uring local governments to improve the condition of public waste containers and raise their hygienic standards.

A study published this week by ISHP gathered data from eight years, from 2005 to 2012, to shed light on the sanitation and hygiene situation of urban waste management.