13,000 refugees in Idomeni struggle to survive waiting to cross the border (pics+vid)

The number of refugees and immigrants stuck at Greece-FYROM borders rose to 13,000, while at the same time about 1,000 immigrants arrived at Piraeus port in the morning and thousands of people are waiting at Victoria Square, center of Athens.

Greece turned into a vast hotspot (pics+vid)

Thousands of refugees and migrants are trapped in Greece turning the country into a vast hotspot.

Every day refugees and migrants arrive in Greek islands and then transferred to Piraeus port, but they are not able to head to northern Greece so as to continue their journey to Europe, since FYROM has closed its border.

Victoria’s Secret Angels test their knowledge (vid)

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show first-timers Vita Sidorkina, Leomie Anderson, Megan Puleri and Gigi Hadid test their Angel trivia knowledge.

Supermodel Adriana Lima was the one who examined the Angels during a live pre-show coverage before the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show broadcast.

Did they pass the test?


Afghans camped in central Athens square escape rainfall in subway station

A large group of Afghan nationals, part of the waves of Third World nationals that landed on several Greek isles over the recent period, set up … camp in an Athens subway station on Monday due to the rain in an above ground square where they had slept in the rough.

Embattled ex-minister at it again: Migrants gather in squares for only a few hours

Controversial ex-minister Tasia Christodoulopoulou, who held the first-ever “migration policy” portfolio in a Greek government during radical leftist SYRIZA seven months in power, repeated on Thursday that refugees and migrants congregate in a handful of Athens squares “for only a few hours a day”.