North Korea defends satellite launch at UN

North Korea's ambassador made a rare appearance at the UN Security Council on Monday to defend his country's launch of a spy satellite, as leader Kim Jong Un studied images including of the White House and Pentagon.

Western powers, Japan and South Korea have said North Korea violated Security Council resolutions by launching the satellite last week.

Barbara Kingsolver wins Women’s Prize for Fiction

American novelist Barbara Kingsolver won the prestigious Women's Prize for Fiction Wednesday with "Demon Copperhead," the Dickens-inspired tale of a boy's struggle against the odds in a corner of America scarred by opioid addiction.

Kingsolver's Appalachian coming-of-age tale was announced as winner of the 30,000 pounds ($38,000) award at a ceremony in London.

2 dead in shooting after high school graduation ceremony in Virginia capital

Seven people were shot, two fatally, when gunfire rang out Tuesday outside a downtown theater in Richmond, Virginia, where a high school graduation ceremony had just ended, causing hundreds of attendees to flee in panic, weep and clutch their children, authorities and witnesses said.

Sonic boom rattles Washington as fighter jets chase Cessna

A sonic boom that echoed over Washington Sunday was caused by two fighter jets scrambling to intercept an unresponsive aircraft that later crashed in rural Virginia, officials told AFP.

Residents of the city and its suburbs reported hearing the thundering noise, which rattled windows and shook walls for miles and caused social media to light up with people asking what had happened.

Judge rejects Amber Heard’s request to set aside Depp win

A Virginia judge on July 13 rejected an effort by actress Amber Heard to set aside the $10 million judgment awarded against her in favor of her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

Depp won a defamation suit against Heard last month in a high-profile civil trial. Heard won a smaller, $2 million judgement on a counterclaim she filed against Depp.