Western Australia

Australia mining company sorry for losing radioactive device

A mining corporation on Sunday apologized for losing a highly radioactive capsule over a 1,400-kilometer stretch of Western Australia, as authorities combed parts of the road looking for the tiny but dangerous substance.

The capsule was part of a device believed to have fallen off a truck while being transported between a desert mine site and the city of Perth on Jan. 10.

World’s largest plant is a vast seagrass meadow in Australia

Scientists have discovered the world's largest plant off the Australia coast _ a seagrass meadow that has grown by repeatedly cloning itself.

Genetic analysis has revealed that the underwater fields of waving green seagrass are a single organism covering 180 square kilometers through making copies of itself over 4,500 years.

Collapse in Australia

At the same time, the most populous New South Wales today records the highest number of deaths since the outburst of the pandemic.
In New South Wales, 49 people died in the last 24 hours, including one child, while in Victoria, 20 patients died from the effects of COVID-19, Reuters reports.

An emergency meeting was held, the delta strain is spreading

Australian authorities have been forced to introduce a lockdown in Sydney due to the new epidemic wave and reintroduce restrictive measures in other parts of the country.
Reuters report states that 18 out of a total of 25 million Australians, or 70 percent of the population, are under some form of anti-epidemic restrictions in almost all parts of Australia.