Çanakkale Province

Patriarch Bartholomew, Greek deputy minister attend ceremony on Gökçeada

Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew and Greece's Deputy Foreign Minister Andreas Katsaniotis attended a mass held in the Church of St. Trifonos on the Gökçeada (Imbros) island of the northwestern province of Çanakkale on Feb. 1.

The church, located on Turkey's biggest island and which is also Bartholomew's homeland, was restored and opened to worship on Aug. 9, 2021, after 55 years.

Restoration of key castle during WWI about to end

The restoration of a 202-year-old castle, which was used as a combat center and weapon repair workshop during the Dardanelles Wars, is about to end, following six years of efforts.

Bigalı Castle, located on the European coast of Turkey's northwestern province of Çanakkale and completed during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II, will soon begin to welcome visitors once again.

Islanders oppose settlement plan on Gökçeada’s secluded Yıldızkoy

Islanders strongly react to a decision that paves the way for construction at Yıldızkoy [Star Bay], a secluded bay area located within the boundaries of the National Underwater Park in Turkey's largest Gökçeada (Imbros) island.

The "Balıkesir-Çanakkale Landscaping Plan" ratified in the municipal council on Oct. 4 allows building settlements on the bay.

2,000-year-old altar found near northwestern Çanakkale

A 2,000-year-old altar has been unearthed in northwestern Turkey near the town of Ezine in Çanakkale province, archeologists said on Oct. 9.

A hall with a podium, temple, odium, and bathhouse were among the remains that have survived to the present day in the ancient city of Alexandria Troas, an area near the Aegean Sea.