Vučić: "I didn't sign the law"; "The excavator driver has serious bodily injuries"

"I did not sign the law on expropriation, and I did sign the law on the referendum when I returned from Sochi," said Vui during a tour of the works on the Milo Veliki highway in aak.
"I'm waiting for a lawyer's opinion," he explained.
Speaking about the incident in Sabac, Vui said that the driver of the excavator did not injure anyone and is currently in the hospital.

Media: Traffic in Belgrade normalized; Gazela passable after opposition protest PHOTO

Several main streets in the city were blocked and without traffic, from Kneza Miloa, across Savska, to certain streets around them.
Large police forces are noticeable in all parts of the city.
The roadblock was organized despite the appeal of the Ministry of the Interior that blocking the roads is a violation of the law.

Villages devastated by tornado-like storms (photos)

Villages devastated by tornado-like storms (photos)

BELGRADE -- The village of Šopići near Lazarevac was hit by a storm described as a tornado late on Wednesday, and a similar disaster affected another, in central Serbia.

26 persons were injured within ten minutes during the storm in Šopići, southwest of Belgrade.