Štrpci massacre

Bosnian Train Massacre Trial: Witnesses Find Convenient Scapegoat

The first year of the trial in Belgrade for the abduction and killing of 20 passengers from a train at Strpci station in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war in 1993 has heard testimony from relatives of the victims, other passengers, policemen, Bosnian Serb Army soldiers and the defendants themselves, as a fuller picture of the crime more than 26 years ago began to emerge.

5 indicted for war crimes in train abductions case

5 indicted for war crimes in train abductions case

BELGRADE -- The Serbian War Crimes Prosecution on Tuesday announced that it had indicted five former members of the Bosnian Serb army (VRS) for war crimes.

The indictment concerns the Strpci case, when 20 passengers, mostly Bosniaks (Muslims) were taken from a Belgrade-Bar train 22 years ago, and later killed.

Arrests made over Balkan war massacre in joint operation

Atifa Memovic last saw her husband two decades ago, but she remembers it as if it were yesterday. It was snowing, and Fikret, a railway worker, was wearing a jeans jacket with winter lining, a gray sweater over a checkered shirt, and on his wrist a Seiko watch. He kissed her and promised to be back on the afternoon train.

He never made it.

Arrests for 1993 Strpci station train kidnappings

Arrests for 1993 Strpci station train kidnappings

BELGRADE, SARAJEVO -- Five persons have been arrested in Serbia and ten in Bosnia-Herzegovina on suspicion that they took part in the 1993 kidnapping of train passengers.

The train was traveling on the Belgrade-Bar line when 20 passengers were taken out and later killed.