New update for schools has arrived: Teaching model is changing starting from Monday

In today's announcement, which the Ministry of Education sent to the media, the second model, that is, combined teaching from Monday, September 20, will attend the seventh and eighth grades of primary schools in nine local self-governments.
These are: Arilje, Bogati, Valjevo, Lajkovac, Ivanjica, Knjaevac, Koceljevo, Kragujevac and Topola.

Serbian Unity Day; Vučić: "We will never apologize for the Serbian tricolor again"

This is the first celebration of that holiday, and on that occasion, numerous manifestations were held in Belgrade, while the central ceremony was held on Sava Square next to the monument to Stefan Nemanja.

Radojicic: We are much stronger through national symbols

Action Demanded After Landfill Fire Covers Belgrade in Smoke

NGOs, political parties and residents of Belgrade have called on the local authorities to ascertain responsibility for the fire that broke out at the Vinca landfill, near the Serbian capital, on Sunday, and covered almost the whole of the city and surrounding areas in smoke for more than 24 hours.

Dramatic scenes in Vracar; Tenant for TV Prva: "I lost any hope" VIDEO / PHOTO

Nikola Jelenkovi, the head of the office of the president of Belgrade municipality of Vraar, said in a conversation with TV Prva that the city municipality, in coordination with the city of Belgrade, is taking all necessary measures to resolve this situation.
One of the tenants for TV Prva described what happened on Friday, when the first building collapsed.

"We will try to bring another important investor to this bank of the Danube" VIDEO

"Before the end of the year, we will start building the sewerage system on the left bank of the Danube," said Aleksandar Vui on that occasion, adding that the necessary documentation for that project is now being completed.
"It will be a big and most important project, but we found the money and we will start with it soon," said Vucic.

Interior Ministry has an important notice for the citizens re: ID cards and passports

The Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a statement stating that it had undertaken organizational and technical measures in order to increase the speed and efficiency of performing those tasks. From July 13, 2021, the working hours in all police administrations and police stations will be extended, from 7.30 am to 8 pm, while in the Novi Sad Police Administration, it has been extended to 9 pm.

"I want to thank Orbán for being courageous" VIDEO

"I see that he was attacked in the media, I guess the man is guilty of advocating Serbia's entry into the EU. The only thing I can say to Orbn is 'Thank you'," said Vui, answering the questions at the press conference after visiting the Special Hospital for Cerebrovascular Diseases "St. Sava" in Belgrade.
He pointed out that the two countries have excellent relations.

It's confirmed: Delta strain present in Serbia

According to the Ministry's website, a new strain was discovered in two Serbian citizens who recently returned from abroad.
Some media claim that the citizens of Serbia were allegedly in Russia before coming to our country.
The statement said that the infected persons were not vaccinated against the coronavirus, i.e. that they were younger persons.