Šumadija and Western Serbia

An earthquake hit Serbia today: Epicenter 700 meters from Monastery Djurdjevi stupovi

The epicenter of the earthquake was three kilometers north of Novi Pazar in the direction of Golija, or about 700 meters from the medieval monastery Djurdjevi stupovi, the endowment of Stefan Nemanja from the 12th century, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Serbian Prosecutors Await Advice Over ISIS Suspect

Serbia's Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime said it is awaiting more extensive expertise before deciding whether to take on the case of man recently arrested by the police and allegedly planning a terrorist attack.

The man in questi0n, Armin Alibasic, was arrested on January 13 in the southwest Serbian city of Novi Pazar in Serbia's mainly Muslim Sandzak region.

Security agency prevents terrorist attack in Serbia - report

According to Blic, Alibasic was prevented in this attempt by officers from the Security and Information Agency (BIA) and by the police.

Alibasic spent several hours before being arrested in a village near the Serbian Orthodox Monastery of Djurdjevi Stupovi, where he had been practicing martial arts in previous years, as well as tactical military training, and camping and survival.

Highway horror: 8 dead, at least 35 wounded/PHOTOS, VIDEOS

The Interior Ministry (MUP) announced this on Tuesday morning.

A press release said that the pile-ups happened in both directions of the highway at around 07:20 hours CET, involving multiple vehicles - more than 40 have been damaged, some completely.

B92.net has learned that 37 people have been injured, while the police put the number at between 35 and 40.