Željko Ražnatović

Serbian Star Ceca Declared Not Guilty of Assault

Belgrade Basic Court on Wednesday ruled that Svetlana Raznatovic and her son-in-law, Predrag Ocokoljic, both from FC Obilic, did not commit a criminal act of bullying or threatening Aleksandar Olarevic, head of the football club Mladi Proleter, in 2007.

The prosecution has the right to appeal the decision to the Appellate Court in Belgrade.

Arkan's former bodyguard shot dead

Arkan's former bodyguard shot dead

BELGRADE -- A shooting incident that took place in Belgrade before noon on Wednesday has left one person dead and two more injured.

The victim has been named as Rade Rakonjac, a former bodyguard of Željko Ražnatović Arkan, who was himself shot and killed in a Belgrade hotel in 2000.