Turks are top users of mobile phones in Europe with calls at an average of 7 hours a month: Survey

Turks have ranked first in Europe in the third quarter of 2016 in mobile phone usage, with phone calls at an average of seven hours and 16 minutes (436 minutes) per month, according to a recent survey by Ajans Press. 

The average mobile phone usage per person in Europe was four hours and 17 minutes (257 minutes) in the three-month period. 

Three mobile operators win rights to 'advanced' 4G network

Turkey?s three existing mobile operators, Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea, have won the rights to the country?s advanced 4G network due to be established for a sum of more than 1.14 billion euros, in the Aug. 26 tender held by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority.

Another bidder, Netgsm, declined to make an offer.

Mobile operators in Turkey in urgent need of more frequencies to meet skyrocketing demand

Turkey has an urgent need for more mobile frequencies to meet a skyrocketing demand for broadband services and the required steps should be taken immediately to open the way for such investments, said Hasan Süel, the vice chairman of Vodafone Turkey's executive board.