9/11 conspiracy theories

Ministers in ‘virtual reality’

The worst thing that can happen to a minister is to be trapped in a kind of "virtual reality." To be convinced that signing a ministerial decision or passing a bill automatically solves a problem that afflicts thousands of citizens, and insist on this idea because the circle of sycophants and pencil pushers that surrounds him has truly clouded his judgment.

Dispelling the shadows

The Tempe rail tragedy has inflicted a deep injury on Greek society. The extent and intensity of the public's anger is such that it cannot be placated with legal arguments and parliamentary maneuvers.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that the issue is being exploited politically by certain circles and that it is breeding all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Fire conspiracies

A new wave of conspiracy theories and fear is swelling in the wake of the successive devastating wildfires of recent days. According to these conspiracy theories, "foreign agents" and undocumented migrants are to blame for the wildfires, instead of the negligence, the imprudence, the oversights and mistakes of the state's agencies, and the malice of certain individuals.

Conspiracy theories

Greece is not Turkey. It is therefore a huge mistake for a party to adopt - even tacitly - outlandish conspiracy theories indicating that Sunday's election may be tampered with. Such issues have been resolved, once and for all, and no one has cast the faintest shadow of a doubt on any electoral contest since 1974.

Crime and politics

Cases coming under the category of common criminal law, in which politicians appear as suspects, should not become material for political scandalmongering. 

In the recent past, media have not observed this rule. The result was to poison public debate with hatred and conspiracy theories. 

Deputy PM Barna: Discrepancies in reporting of COVID-19 deaths - real problem, but not conspiracy

The different reports in the medical system of COVID-19 deaths represent a real problem, however a technical one, not someone's "conspiracy", Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna told Tuesday evening private broadcaster B1TV. "It is a technical matter, my colleague [Minister of Health, Ioana Mihaila - ed.n.] answered very clearly how those figures were generated.