Ban on overtaking for lorries on A1 motorway enters into force

Ljubljana – A 6am-6pm ban on overtaking for lorries on the A1 motorway between Šentilj and Koper entered into force on Friday. Police controls will be beefed up.

The new regime will be in place for lorries weighing more than 7.5 tonnes. Overtaking will still be allowed for these vehicles during the day in three-lane sections, and on the entire motorway in night time.

Romania Linked to European Highway Network

People from the western part of Romania can now easily get to Budapest or Vienna, using the new interconnection between Romania's A1 and Hungary's M43 highways.

Romanian authorities on Saturday inaugurated the 40-km-long segment of the Arad-Nadlac motorway and a new border checkpoint between Nadlac and Csanadpalota, in Hungary.