Editorial: Intruders

Not many days ago a bevy of livid members of anti-authority groups with rafters and sledgehammers and with violent intentions conducted a foray at Athens' Economic University's historic building on Patision Street and made their way to the office of the rector, Emmanuel Giakoumakis,  with the obvious aim being to assault and destroy.

DIICOT requests FBI aid for DNA examination in Luiza Melencu case (Caracal file)

The Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) has requested the aid of the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI, US) to conduct a genetic examination that would determine the genetic profile (DNA) in the Luiza Melencu case, but also to establish the psychological/behavioural profile of Gheorghe Dinca, the suspect in the Caracal crimes' case.

MES: Bulgarian Students Are Increasingly Acquainted with Internet Security and Virus Protection

Students in the country are increasingly aware of the Internet security and virus protection. This shows the analysis of the results of this year's National External Assessment in Information Technology after tenth grade.

It was held in 928 schools in the country and was attended by nearly 45,000 tenth graders, the education ministry said.

250 965 BGN Are Assignеd for Students' Scholarships for Sports Successes

The government approved additional costs / transfers in 2019 for the payment of scholarships under the Program of Measures for Protection of Children with Proven Talents from State, Municipal and Private Schools in 2019, the Government Information Service stated.