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Truth about Covid-19 and Mortality in Bulgaria

According to Magdalena Kostova, director of the "Demographic and Social Statistics "at the National Statistic Institute (NSI), Covid affects all demographic events, as well as our entire lives, including mortality.

Between 108,000 and 110,000 people have died each year in the last 10 years, while last year the number is up to 124,000.

6,986 Candidates for Bulgaria's 45th National Assembly, 2,073 Women and 4,913 Men

Of the 6,986 candidates for Bulgaria's 45th Parliament, 2,073 are women and 4,913 are men. A total of 1,035 candidates have been registered in two regions, well over the 668 in the previous parliamentary elections in 2017, Dimitar Dimitrov, a member and spokesman for the Central Election Commission, told reporters on Sunday.

Historical artifacts not registered officially over past decade at archeology museum


An investigation launched by the local directorate of culture and tourism of the southern province of Antalya has revealed that none of the 17,000 historical artifacts in the city's Archeology Museum have been registered officially for 13 years and no inventory work has been done since 2009.