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Trust trumps fear

When the coronavirus emergency is over, the extent to which life will have changed will depend on the length of the disruption, the number of lives it took and the way each country and transnational organization dealt with the crisis.

The day after will depend on the level of trust that exists between citizen and state, between countries.

Pandemic-Hit Hungary Harps on About ‘Migrant Crisis’

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Yet even in the midst of the pandemic, the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban has warned of a crisis of mass migration — despite the fact that the country's frontiers have largely been sealed to migrants and refugees since 2016.

Prisons mull early releases to help curb virus spread

Greek authorities have suspended all transfers of prisoners between penitentiaries as part of broader efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus and are considering the early release of those serving time for minor offenses in a bid to ease congestion and further lessen the chances of transmission.