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President Iohannis on IT sector tax exemption: We must consider the introduction of taxes, maybe progressively

President Klaus Iohannis said on Monday that the idea of the equal tax treatment is "basically true", but in the case of the IT sector, where salaries are exempt from the income tax, the authorities need to take into account the fact that this sector has increased in the past ten years from "something insignificant to 6 per cent of the GDP." The head of state was asked if the tax exemption for

Hundreds protest against new French bioethics bill

Three hundred protesters stood in the cold in front of France's Senate on Jan. 22 to demonstrate against a bill being reviewed there this week involving assisted reproductive technology.

The latest demonstration comes after thousands of opponents of the controversial legislation took to the streets of Paris on Jan. 19.

Happiness at work and how it can influence employee productivity

Companies should strive for employee satisfaction, as happy employees are also more productive and loyal, says the New York Times bestselling author. Employees must have a sense of purpose and meaning at their workplace. These are the two main factors for job satisfaction.

Schinas says EU can’t afford to fail again on migration

In an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica on Saturday, European Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas insisted that "Europe cannot allow itself to fail again with migration."

He added that there is an imperative need for a new agreement that "will cover all aspects of migration policies."